Palace Pizza was founded by the Schiano Family in 1997 in downtown Lakeland. The family began their journey from Italy in the 1970's. By 1980, most all of the family was in America. Sal Esposito followed in his grandfather's footsteps and came to join the family legacy restaurant business in 1990. By 1997, most of the family once again moved, this time to Lakeland, Florida. Sal joined them in 2000. After the first location Downtown began to flourish offering traditional recipes and delicious dishes, the family opened 5 more locations; the last of which was the North Lakeland location in 2007. Sal Esposito and his wife have taken over the restaurant business, with the help of his cousins to continue the traditions and recipes that have travelled well from Italy, to Lakeland.

Our staff will welcome you with a friendly spin on your casual dining experience!